Employement differences between France and US(Bay-Area)

As part of my course of international business i had the opportunity to make a semester in San Francisco California to learn innovation, start-up methodologie and for improve my English. During this semester i have increase my abilities, knowledgesand skills in different areas.

During my trip i discovered some new school subjects that I don’t know.

The 3D printing is a very good example because it will have an important place on the future and it help me to develop the prototype for my own company. In the same area i have learned the coding, it’s my first course and i think it was very interesting and can help me to build my online platform for my start-up. For the area of start-up methodologie we made tow courses on design thinking and lean startup, they learned me how build my company and the process to avoid errors, and for the online communication i mad a blog with adword and google analytics to generate a lot of traffic, it will be very interesting for my future because now i can do my own communication. In San Francisco i discovered too the American culture and business (that change to the european businesses) and i had improve my english with a Business English Coach.
There is one thing who surprised me, it’s the liberty to express your ideas on the bay area. And now I understand why this part of the world is the best in innovation, it’s because the favourites sentence is “all is possible ” and with the techshop nobody’s can realise their ideas.
I have some very good memories from California like all the beaches or the skyscrapers ( i had never seen it before) but personally my best memories is my first 3D printing ( it was magic to see something appearing in front of my eyes).

When i come back in France i will use the incubator of school for developing my own startup in first time in France and with all my news knowledges and skills develop it on the US market.
Louis Ducoté


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